Hi, I'm Bobby Stuijfzand - I am a data consultant. With Stuijfzand Data Consulting I help researchers getting the most out of their data.

I like data wrangling, statistical analysis, predictive modelling, and visualisation. R is my tool of choice, but Python, Matlab, and Stata are in my vocabulary too. Apart from number crunching I also advise on data ethics and anonymisation.

Working from Lausanne, Switzerland I have collaborators and clients from across Europe. Currently, I am working on projects together with universities in the UK (Bristol, UWE, Bath, and Reading), Switzerland (CHUV), and the Netherlands (Utrecht, Maastricht). Before starting as an independent consultant, I was a data scientist at the University of Bristol. Here I set up a data science Q&A service and worked as a data scientist on various projects in numerous disciplines such as public health, medicine, civil engineering, education, psychology, and sociology.

  • R, Python, Javascript
  • D3.js, ggplot2

Project Examples

  • For a comprehensive list of my research publications, see ORCID
  • A visualisation I recently developed with the University of Bristol can be found through this link

Contact Me

If you are looking for a data consultant please don't hesitate to contact me through this form.